Thank you for making Park Avenue Prince a USA Today bestseller!

Thank you so so much to everyone who supported the release of Park Avenue Prince!! I was so excited on Wednesday to discover you had made Park Avenue Prince a USA Today bestseller!! So exciting! Thank you.

I recently gave up my day job to write full time. A lot of people closest to me said they were worried about me working on my own. But I don’t! I work with more people than ever!! Not only to I hear and chat to readers every day, I work with my editor, my publicist, my cover designer, my audiobook narrators, other authors, bloggers . . . the list goes on and on! And I’m so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life. The world is my virtual office now and it’s so exciting!

park avenue prince a usa today bestseller

“Attention was seductive. I knew it wasn’t my looks that made me so successful in the game of seduction. Women understood I’d do whatever it took to succeed—in or out of bed—and were pulled in by the attention and focus. People liked to feel important—men, women, in business or the bedroom.”

I’m thrilled that so many of you are enjoying Park Avenue Prince! As you know, it’s totally stand alone but the heroine is the bff from King of Wall Street. I know a lot of you are enjoying seeing Harper Jayne and Max King from King of Wall Street. They appear in a few scenes. It was certainly nice to write them again. It was so fun.

My next project is Scarlett’s book who is Max King’s sister and friend to Grace and Harper. She is A LOT of fun. She knows her own mind and is about to give a certain someone a run for his money! I’m enjoying writing it a lot. No idea of release date at this point!




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