Parisian Nights

Parisian Nights book cover
The moment I laid eyes on the new photographer at work, I had his number. Cocky, arrogant and super wealthy—women were eating out of his hand as soon as his tight ass crossed the threshold of our office.

When we were forced to go to Paris together for an assignment, I wasn’t interested in his seductive smile, his sexy accent or his dirty laugh. I wasn’t falling for his charms.

Until I did.

Until Paris.

Until he was kissing me and I was wondering how it happened. Until he was dragging his lips across my skin and I was hoping for more. Paris does funny things to a girl and he might have gotten me naked.

But Paris couldn’t last forever.

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U and ur Hand – P!nk

Through the Barricades – Spandau Ballet

Anticipation – Carly Simon

Magic – Coldplay

Beauty Has Her Way – Mummy Calls

You’ll think of me – Keith Urban

Into the Woods – Taylor Swift

Here comes the Rain Again – Eurythmics

I Miss You So – Diana Krall

I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz

Turn my World Around – Gloriana

There You’ll Be – Faith Hill