Louise Bay


Will there be a fourth book in the Empire State Series?

No, there won’t be a fourth book but you will see Anna and Ethan again. SPOILER ALERT: I’m planning to write about Daniel’s bachelor party and Anna and Ethan will appear in that.

Why didn’t you write an epilogue for The Empire State Series?

The ending of The Empire State Series split opinion, I understand that. Let me tell you why it ended like it did. SPOILER ALERT: Anna and Ethan had resolved the major obstacles in the way of their relationship and they got engaged. For me, that was the job done. Everyone is different but I LOVE books that leave you wanting more, that leave you with a hangover….I’m not a big fan of tying up every lose end. I don’t need to see the wedding and the baby. Some series I read, I LOVE the first book and then the second is okay until about half way through and by the end I’ve fallen out of love with the whole thing. I really didn’t want to do that. Maybe the pendulum swung too far? Who knows!

What are you working on now?

I’m working on Ashleigh’s story. Ashleigh is Haven’s BFF in What the Lightning Sees so we’ve seen her a little. You won’t have to have read What the Lightning Sees for this next book to make sense. I’ve also started to plot and write Beth’s story. Beth is Jake’s sister in What the Lightning Sees. I’m SUPER excited about her story.

Will you always write novella series?

I don’t think so but at the moment, I’m really enjoying doing it and I feel like I’m learning a lot from it. What I will try to do though is finish them before I release them so I don’t keep you waiting too long.

Have you got any upcoming signings?

I have nothing planned at the moment. Please email me with details of signings in the UK and US if you would like to invite me.

Can I get autographed copies of your books?

Not yet. This is still a work in progress. Watch this space.

Can I get on your mailing list?

Yes! Enter your details in the signup form on the Newsletter page.

Who are your favorite authors?

I have millions. There are so many incredible writers out there.In sexy romance, I love Christina Lauren, Will Sumner from Beautiful Player is my ultimate book boyfriend. I also love Jessica Hawkin’s Cityscape Series, Tarryn Fisher, Jennifer L Armentrout, R.K. Lilley, Fisher Amelie . . . I could go on and on and on. What’s great is that I discover new favorites all the time.

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