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Mr. Notting Hill

Mr. Notting Hill

Book 6: The Mister Series

Ever proposed marriage on a first date?

To a guy you first met covered in whipped cream?

(I haven’t even mentioned the bit where he won our date at an auction)

There’s no ring in my pocket, but I really hope he says yes.

Not because I’m in love with him—that would be ridiculous.

He needs to impress my father and I need access to my trust fund. That’s all our union will be about.

For three months, I’ve just got to ignore the rock-hard muscles I felt when I ran into him, the look in his eye that tells me he tastes as good as he looks, and the chemistry that sizzles between us whenever we’re together.

Easy. Right?

A feel-good, fake marriage, standalone in the mister series.

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